Wooden Flooring

The appeal of a wooden floor or timber floor provides warmth and elegance that is unparalleled. At Cityscape, we bring you premium quality wooden flooring that can bring out the emotions of your home sweet home. We are one of the premium dealers offering wooden flooring in Chennai that includes exotic woods like oak, cedar, red cedar, walnut, ebony, chestnut, etc, and Indian timbers like teak, Malabar Kino (Vengai), sandalwood, rosewood, seesham, sal, etc. Apart from timber or wooden flooring we also deal with vinyl flooring and laminate flooring that galore in styles, colors, and finishes.

We take pride in offering professional services with expert advice, meticulous care and keen attention to detail. Our qualified team of members can offer you specialist advice on all aspects of wooden flooring, the details on durability and suitability for every individual room. The aspects we consider while recommending a particular type of wood are the interior design factor and the sustainability factor. These factors can assure you to bring beauty and character to your home. Equipped with vast knowledge on the wooden floors, you can make choices that can give you a lifetime of pleasure.

As wooden flooring contractors in Chennai, we believe it is our duty to bring you the latest and greatest wood alternatives too. The vinyl flooring and laminate flooring possess the raw looks and the tactile feel of real wooden floors.

Most of our wooden floor line ups are great looking, durable, sustainable, and are easy to clean. All of Cityscape’s products and services are competitively priced with our undying dedication for innovation. With our experience and commitment, we are able to offer you some of the best looking wooden floors in Chennai at a cost-effective price. In total, we wish you to be happy that the floors we have jointly created with your inputs are beautiful and indeed match your dream.