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Types of Wardrobe

Chic finishes for your taste

Types of shutter finishes

Bedroom wardrobe should rhyme and complement the interiors. Membrane wardrobe can fit with rustic interior. If your interior is minimal or urban modern, other options come in handy.

Everything has its place inside

Inner Partitions

You can create space in your wardrobe for everyone’s belongings in your family. Hanging your clothes, storing your clothes and accessories, placing your shoes, everything belongs inside.

Non-rusty and flawless stainless steel

Accessories and Hardwares

High-quality metal is used to make the accessories and hardware of your dream wardrobes. They are functional, non-rusting over time, durable and elegant and lavish in looks.

Colorfulness of the wardrobe does matter

Colour Palate

Your wardrobe adds dimension to your bedroom. Hence color is important from an aesthetic point of view. The texture and material can bring in color too apart from sophisticated paint applications.

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