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Raw Material




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Factory finish


An impeccable wardrobe comes with a super cool factory finish. The painting done in a factory-controlled environment works magic on your bedroom wardrobes making it sing with the interiors of your bedroom. The high-end production environment with machinery assures quality and uniformity. Factory-applied wood finishing gets its unblemished finish from processes that are performed in a controlled environment. Every partition material so employed in your dream wardrobe is finished to perfection before they are fitted as part of the wardrobe. At Cityscape, we take care to bring you quality wardrobes that are aesthetic and pleasing.

Flat edge band finish

Finished wardrobes have to possess aesthetically appealing edges that are streamlined to perfection. A process called edge banding can accomplish this task. A strip of material known technically as “Edge Band” is put through edge banding to get a flawless finish. Acrylic, lacquered glass, membrane, wood are some of the materials used for edge-banding. Edge-banded finish causes a manifold increase in the durability of the material used. Factory finished wardrobes are made out of automated processes with hot-melt adhesives. These help to bond quickly so that the edge banding achieved is perfect and intact.

Postform finish shutters

When the materials have a certain degree of bend, they are technically termed Post form finish. In its laminate form, post forming finish shutters became popular in the 1960s. Now every material used to make wardrobe shutters come with a certain degree of bend and this is made possible by the post forming process. The bend on the edges makes the wardrobe adds elegance. The post form finishing in modern times is made possible with increased automation, mechanized trimmer saws, and high-end processes. They provide higher durability, reliability, and flexibility to the wardrobe shutters apart from their aesthetics.

Aesthetic metals that make things work



Hardware like hinges, latches, brackets, bolts, drawer pulls, cabinet knobs, etc, make your wardrobe functional. Their aesthetic designs are made possible by modern engineering marvel. The exciting array of hardware available is durable, sturdy and long-lasting. The wardrobes of your bedrooms experience opening and closing multiple times. Hence they need to be stubborn and tough for the pulls and pressures of human hands. If you have kids at your home, the need for quality hardware is more emphasized. At Cityscape, we employ only high-quality hardware with proven and benchmarked safety standards that endure a lifetime.

On-time delivery

At Cityscape, delivering your wardrobe with no damage is our top priority. So we employ dedicated carriers who deliver your dream wardrobe without any hitch. We commit what we deliver and we deliver what we commit. During the order process, we commit to delivery dates that we keep up. We try our best to minimize any potential delay due to any unforeseen circumstances.

10-year warranty

We are confident in the quality of our wardrobes and all the hardware that comes fitted with them. As a Cityscape customer, you are entitled to 10 years warranty on the wardrobe material and workmanship. Our warranties are applicable from the day you ordered your wardrobe. If any claim is being made, kindly produce the original receipt to execute your warranty.