Water Proofing

Water is the elixir of life. But it is not something we want in all places. You certainly do not want a leaking roof, overflowing and spilling tanks, etc. Since water has a way of getting and seeping into all places waterproofing becomes a necessity. There is a popular saying in the construction industry that says, “Waterproofing a building is roughly 2% of construction cost but lack of it accounts as a reason for 90% of building defects”. How true! At Cityscape Decors, one of the best Water proofing contractors Chennai, we thoroughly understand what waterproofing can positively do to your building and undertake to provide your constructions with the highest quality waterproofing

We use quality polyurethane injection and epoxy injection for waterproofing. These elements form an impervious barrier and they prevent water from escaping the structures that have been waterproofed. We thoroughly wash the site before we apply the waterproofing elements and follow all the protocols to make the waterproofing work without any glitches.

We undertake waterproofing in Chennai for terraces, any kind of roofs, bathrooms, water tank waterproofing, septic tanks, underground sumps, wall cracks, basements, or any structures that might require impeccable waterproofing. Simply put, we provide sealing solutions for both internal and external areas of your constructions, both your home or your commercial building.

If you are looking for Terrace waterproofing in Chennai, Cityscape Decors should be your choice. Call us and give us the details of your site that need waterproofing so that we can give you an idea of what Terrace waterproofing cost in Chennai would look like.

If your roof is leaking of rainwater, our roof leakage repair experts in Chennai can fix it with our waterproofing solution. If your bathroom is leaking and a foul odor is emanating that makes you sick, our Cityscape’s Bathroom leakage repair in Chennai can provide you with unblemished waterproofing solutions.