Wall Painting

Paints transform buildings’ interior and exterior to do magic. The vivid colors of the paint breathe life into the otherwise dull-looking buildings. Whether it is painting fresh a new building or re-painting an old building with worn-out paints, we at Cityscape Décor, do it all. Using only quality paints and accessory materials that go into painting, we offer the best and professional wall painting in Chennai. We help you plan and execute the desired look for your living space.

We undertake wall paintings services, waterproofing, wall texturing, wallpaper application to provide your home with a fresh new outlook. We use automated tools to provide you with a perfectly even finish. Our team of experts makes it ultimately a hassle-free experience to get your home painted. We provide services from planning to execution of painting services for your home.

If you are moving into a new home, our expert color consultants suggest interior house paint based on their study and analysis of your existing furniture, lighting, room type, and size. You can also get our expert suggestions on furnishing solutions and other decorative solutions to make the home interior painting effective so that your home resembles the home of your dreams. Our experts also help you identify and solve leakage issues by applying specialized preventive waterproof paint for interior walls and by using curative products to treat existing leakages.

Our experts will visit your home to study and analyze the site to be re-painted. We shall examine and determine the condition of the existing walls to repair any damaged areas before re-painting. We will then provide you with the list of materials needed and will provide you with a price quote that fits your painting budget.

We use only quality products that allow quick application and faster drying time. We also use mechanized tools for paint application to assure you maximum coverage, quality finishing, and on-time delivery. You can sit back and relax while we deliver you with the desired outlook of your lovely home.