Texture Painting

Textures add character to a wall and adding texture to a primary wall in your living room is indeed a trend. Textured wall painting, unlike flat wall painting, is slightly rough and gritty and it adds a rustic appeal to your room. Textured painting to your wall undoubtedly adds more focus to your living room. For those who are looking to add emotions to your living space, we have the right solution for you at Cityscape Decors.

Our painting experts can create a textured wall you desire by using unique application techniques and texture additives. Our team of experts will guide you along the way to help you choose the right paint and the right texture to give you the best-textured wall outcome. As one of the leading companies doing texture painting in Chennai, we have a variety of eye-catching designs from which you can choose for your dream home. Some of our designs include mosaic texture, rustic texture, smoky texture, marble texture, fabric texture, wooden texture, striped texture, floral texture, ethnic texture, plank texture, and much more.

You can talk to some of our experts who will walk you through the different colors, designs, materials, and budget. You can choose the design and color which suits your home and your liking. Once you finalize, you can sit back and relax while we create textures walls for your dream home. With your dream and passion combined with our dedication and skill, we can make your dream home a reality. We are committed to delivering nothing less than the best. That is why we are regarded as one of the best wall painting contractor in Chennai. Once your textured wall has been done, the overall look of the room would transform into something rich, clean, sophisticated and would add a sense of depth and style. Why settle for normal-looking plain walls when you can give your home the special looks with textured walls!