False Ceiling

Regardless of being a residential or commercial space, the roof is one of the most important parts of a building. Apart from its functionality as a shield, the roof or ceiling is a place where inhabitants can exhibit their aesthetic taste by installing false ceilings. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, false ceilings are also functional by providing better acoustics in the room and minimizing unwanted noise. Additionally, they add a variety of colors, patterns, and dimensions to the room.

We at Cityscape are one of the most renowned false ceiling designers in Chennai. Our false ceiling designs help provide better light reflection and diffusion that reduce the need for unwanted artificial lighting, thereby reducing your energy consumption. We make sure to conceal the electrical wires and AC ducts in your false ceiling design as part of our quality work.

As a part of our portfolio, we offer different types of false ceiling solutions to suit different people’s preferences. We are the few false ceiling contractors in Chennai who can provide you with the false ceiling for shop, your other commercial spaces, and your homes. Our portfolio also has Saint Gobain false ceiling which is one of the best-known quality false ceiling in Chennai.

Enhancing the visual appeal does not require to be intricate or expensive. We offer abundant materials available at various prices, to get your desired false ceiling at the best price. Our team of designers has the best gypsum false ceiling designs that would definitely complement the theme and décor of your home. And we assure you that we offer the best gypsum false ceiling price in Chennai. We also offer wooden false ceiling patterns that add a sense of warmth and space to your living room. We design and layout the false ceilings depending upon the theme, geometry, color, and the overall outlook of the intended space. No wonder we have created some of the best Living room false ceiling designs in Chennai.