Exposed Brick Laying

Everyone is obsessed with the environment and sustainability. Sustainable construction practices satisfy the causes of environment and laying exposed brick is one such practice that is touted as being environmentally friendly. Speckled concrete with exposed bricks is not a mark of building under construction but a mark of well-planned interior design. An exposed brick interior gives a rustic character to the interior of the building. It is now possible to blend the austerity of exposed brick walls to contemporary elements in a fashionable way. Exposed brick walls caught up as a trend during the 1990s. Interestingly, they have not gone out of fashion and they still linger. They are a versatile interior design choice that is bold and full of character.

An exposed brick wall becomes does not require plastering and hence they are lighter on your budget. It is also said that an exposed brick wall can balance the temperature inside and hence can result in energy savings.

You have to decide first-hand even before the walls are laid whether to go in for exposed brick wall or not. Because using real bricks to get an exposed wall-look needs perfect planning. Once you have selected the wall, you can choose from an array of different sized bricks to fit the wall. Smaller bricks usually fit smaller rooms and larger bricks go well with larger rooms. But sometimes smaller bricks can be used on larger walls to emphasize and underline the largeness of the wall. The choice can be changed based on the interior elements in the room too.

An exposed brick living room offers an invigorating interior. You can either lay all the four walls in your living room with exposed brick or can make the primary wall to look exposed. If you are having plastered walls too, then pick the right color for your plastered living room walls that can complement the exposed brick wall.

At Cityscape Decors, we do exposed brick laying in Chennai with seasoned bricklayers who combine class and style. We uphold high standards throughout and deliver quality brickwork. Our experts at Cityscape Decors can definitely lend you a helping hand to make the interior look rich and stately.