Living Room idea with Exposed Brick Walls

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Many of us consider bricks as nothing more than a building block. But what if we told you that exposed brick walls can add character to your rooms? Yes, that is right. They add character and a kind of classic touch to the room. Exposed brick walls were seen in most houses during the 1990s and have not gone out of fashion since then. Exposed brick walls are a versatile interior design choice that can work well for different decorating themes. They are bold and full of character and add a sense of warmth.

The Living room is a space for a gathering in the house. It is where people gather when guests visit, get entertained, watch television, read, relax, and whatnot. Incorporating a brick wall in your living room can help you achieve an inviting, warm and cozy atmosphere. There are several ways that you can get the exposed brick wall look in your living room.

Different ways to get the exposed brick wall look in your home

Real Brick

Using the real brick to get an exposed wall look needs planning before the walls are laid actually. The concept of using real bricks full-sized bricks to achieve an exposed brick wall is essentially leaving a wall without plastering. This will give your living room an unfinished, industrial and a quirky look. But if you already have a brick wall that has been plastered and coated, the wall can be stripped down to expose the raw and sheer rough awesomeness of exposed brick. The raw exposed bricks can be polished and lacquered for a smooth and even look. Painting the stripped-down wall is also another option to accentuate the room and giving it a retro visual effect. If you leave it as it is, voila, you have a rugged wall interior.

Brick Veneers and Tiles (Faux Brick Wall)

If your living room has plain, old, and boring plastered walls, and you are looking to give your living room a makeover here is an option. By giving it an exposed brick wall look and at the same time not wanting to create a mess by stripping down the plastered walls, you have the perfect options of brick veneers and tiles. These options provide you with the most convenient method to get an exposed brick wall look. And these brick veneers and tiles are available in a wide range of colors and textures. Installing brick veneers is very simple, less time consuming, economical, and durable.

Brick Wallpapers

Brick wallpapers are another way to go if you want an exposed brick wall look on your existing plastered walls. Brick wallpapers are cheap, easy to install, offers residue-free removal, and a low-cost maintenance. Although brick wallpapers do mimic the look and feel of brick, they do not match up to real bricks or brick veneers.

Choose the right brick size for your living room

Once you have selected the wall you want to lay bricks on, you can choose from an array of different sized bricks to fit the wall. Bricks of different sizes can be used for different sized rooms and walls. Usually smaller bricks go well with smaller rooms and larger bricks for larger ones. But sometimes smaller bricks can be used on larger walls to accentuate the largeness of the wall. The choice is perfectly yours.

Pick the right colours for your living room to complement your exposed brick wall

Red with red

The dusty red exposed bricks in your living room can be paired with a vibrant touch of red or other contrasting shades of red. This monochromatic colour scheme will provide your room with a neutral theme and creates a cohesive and modern look to your living room.

Pastel Green and Mint

The cool and relaxing colour shades of soft green and pastel mint will brighten the raw and earthly tones of the exposed brick.

Neutral Tan

Neutral colours are those colours with which you can never go wrong. The versatility of the browns and yellows can beautifully complement your exposed brick wall. Shades of neutral colours, along with the exposed brick wall can bring an inviting, warm feel to your living room.

Classic White

White offers you with the versatility that no other colour offers. White paint is a great colour to accentuate the exposed brick wall. The sharp, crisp, and clean looks of the white paint greatly complement the raw, unfinished, industrial look of the exposed bricks. Keep the shade of the white to either pale white or off-white to expose the charm of the brick wall.

Decorating the exposed brick wall

A long exposed brick wall with a lot of bricks can be sometime overwhelming to the eyes. This can be easily fixed by breaking up the bricked portions. This can be achieved by placing art, furnishings or a long mirror to soften the rugged look of the exposed wall without removing its essence.


Using mirrors in a room with a large brick wall can reflect the opposite wall which can make the two opposite surfaces more visually tied together. On the other hand, in smaller spaces with lesser bricked portions, a mirror can improve the presence of the bricked regions preventing the room from looking lopsided.


An exposed brick wall can serve as an excellent backdrop for hanging art pieces. But it should be noted that the brick wall should not be damaged while hanging the art pieces, especially heavy ones.

Adding more colours to your room

The colour of the furniture and other decorative articles that you place in your living room can definitely leave an impact on your room. A contrast coloured couch, a colourful rug can help in elevating the liveliness of the living room


Here are some images of living rooms with Exposed brick wall design. The features that make them stand out are illustrated.

This design combines the exposed brick wall with the classic white colour which works perfectly for this room, giving it a sense of space and a modern touch. The art pieces and the fancy coloured chair and the cushions add a colourful touch to the room. The grey couch and the white and wood coloured furniture further alleviate the modern look of this living room.

For all of you who were wondering how the colours black, tan, and teal would go in a room, this room here provides you with the answer. This room beautifully incorporates several colours without looking eccentric. The exposed brick wall is painted in black, while the rest of the room is painted in classic white. The white chair and white lamp also help in maintaining the theme. The white in this room gives it a sense of space. We should admit that the deer covered with green is an odd thing out; the plants do give earthly warmth.

This living room uses the classic red brick finish for its exposed brick wall and it combines it with a neutrally coloured wall. The couch is also neutrally coloured. The multi-coloured cushions and the dark coloured rug and the centre table in rosewood, all give the room a contemporary look.

This living room design has stuck to a single paint scheme. The entire exposed brick wall is not painted. The portion by the stairway is kept in its natural raw form which is best complimented by the stairs in wood. The white shelves with small pictures and the grey couch also go well with the paint scheme of the room. The beige centre table also complements the colour of the room. It is to be noted that this exposed brick wall is made using real bricks and not using brick veneers or tiles.

This elegant living room is designed to give it a distinctive sense of style and feel. The exposed brick wall, the hot red couch and chair, the blue wall hanging, the pair of a chair with light purple cushion and the rug, all create a fusion, of a rustic look with a quirky youthful touch. The ceiling and the beam that goes across are not plastered adding to the assorted textures. The differently coloured room decorations give the room a pop and youthful look.

This room is given a cool complete brick wall design with tan brown leather design couch on a polished chrome metal frame. The brown rectangle rug also matches with the colour scheme of the room. The room’s design remains minimalistic while displaying a look that is raw, classy, modern and elegant.