Cityscape is a team of highly accomplished and dedicated landscape architects in Chennai. Sustainability and innovation are our philosophy when it comes to landscape architecture. We provide a coherent client experience where we offer landscape design and architecture, landscape construction, planning and creating gardens in your backyard, exterior landscaping and gardening, terrace landscaping and terrace gardens, commercial spaces, restaurant exteriors, and other aesthetics. From small private spaces to courtyards to large open spaces, we are landscape contractors in Chennai who can accomplish any challenging landscape works. We ensure that the landscaping design we envisage and implement can definitely enhance our client’s lives and bring them happiness as they step into the landscaped area.

A dream home is often the biggest lifetime investment one makes. We offer perfect customization as we are masters in bringing you your landscape design that is unique reflecting your personality. We appreciate the fact that the landscaping you are looking for is not about us but absolutely about you. We walk with you while we understand your needs and take part in your dream to we offer you the best landscaping solutions that will bring you joy and tranquility.

The Steps Involved in Creating your Landscape

The design journey we embark with you shall comprise all elements that go in creating a garden space. Our team does a comprehensive site analysis and comes up with specifics by following the outlined procedures asunder.


An on-site meeting with the client gives us an insight into the terrain. As we move to speak with our clients, we understand their lifestyle and the budget. The insight we get after the consultation process allows us to perform the best landscape design for the clients.

Project Proposal and Design

The entire project proposal along with materials required, labor and cost involved are sent to the clients at this stage. Once the approval kicks in, a sketch of the landscape design is also sent to the client. The sketch would also include the landscape design and plan along with elevations, irrigation plans, and other construction specifications.

Vegetation Plan

Our team of horticulturists and experienced gardeners are involved in the vegetation plan. The size and varieties of the plants that are supposed to blend with the landscape are selected and presented. Care is taken to include native species of plants to do justice to the environment around us.

Construction and Landscaping

Our consultants and dedicated workers work on the landscape plan and get landscaping done. The selected plant species are planted as per the plan. We submit the clients a detailed progress report where the client can check the on-track status of the landscaping project.

Maintenance of the Landscaped Garden

When the gardens are established, they are the best gardens. Hence maintaining a garden is paramount to realizing its need. At Cityscape, our team of horticulturists and gardeners provide valuable inputs to maintain the landscaped garden in its pristine stage.