Kitchen is a room where every hungry soul gravitates to. Bespoke kitchen designs that catch up on trend are tailor-made to reflect your taste, personality and the aspects of functionality. Door styles, tiles, glasses, cabinetries are some of the aspects of a kitchen you could possibly explore.


At Cityscape, an expert in kitchen planning and designing assists you thoroughly to create your dream kitchen. The expert designer will also assist in research and information gathering about kitchen cabinetry, kitchen-tops, and all other elements that make up a trendy and functional kitchen.
The first discussion is absolutely free and there is no commitment to pay any charges at this stage.


As you choose a design, our enthusiastic kitchen expert shall then guide you by synchronizing your design with the latest trend, lifestyle, and budget. As you complete the process of personalizing your kitchen, the designer gets ready to present you with the drawings of your dream kitchen.
Tentative order value is mutually arrived and you shall pay 10% of the tentative order value at this stage.

Decide and Place Order

The expert kitchen designer will now provide with a complete representative 2D and 3D drawings of your personalized kitchen. As you see the well laid out design drawings, you get a fair idea of how your future kitchen is going to look like. You may finalize and place your order now.
You shall pay us a total of 50% of the order value and we shall begin executing the kitchen design as per the plan. The earlier tentative payment of 10% is adjusted to keep the total paid order value at 50%.

Installing and Fitting

We begin the process of installing the kitchen with its accessories. As we carefully piece together the elements that will make up your trendy kitchen, you can get to see how your dream kitchen shapes up.

Live Life to the Fullest

The perfectly done up kitchen space and its interiors are sure to kindle a passion for cooking. You may want to hone your culinary skills and get ready to become a master chef in your new kitchen.

Elements Included in Cityscape Kitchen
  • Designing the kitchen
  • Manufacturing the elements discussed
  • Delivery, Installation and Fitting of the elements discussed
  • Elements might include Kitchen modules and cabinetries, countertop, and any other elements as might be discussed and decided to be included in the order.

Elements NOT Included in Cityscape Kitchen
  • Demolition of your existing kitchen structures
  • However Cityscape might agree to demolish any existing kitchen structure for a charge. This charge is not included or is not part of the order for new kitchen design. Cityscape also does not take any liability whatsoever if the said demolishing might cause damage to any other existing structure. Cityscape also does not take any responsibility if the countertop or other fragile elements, already part of the existing kitchen structure is damaged in the process of demolishing and the customer intends to use these structures. The customer agrees explicitly that these elements of the kitchen are fragile in nature and they are prone to get damaged in the process of demolishing.

Assistance Provided by Cityscape’s Expert Kitchen Designer

Our expert kitchen designer understands the layout of your kitchen and the availability of space. They then study the family size, its cooking habits, and storage needs. The expert then matches the above available information with the latest available kitchen design and trends. Many design options conforming to the above factors are presented. Once you select the design, the expert kitchen designer then goes about suggesting the best modules and cabinetries, countertop, exteriors, and any other elements as per your taste. After budget considerations, everything is finalized and the designer goes about designing your personal kitchen as a representative 2D and 3D drawings. These drawings can help you make informed decisions to place order.

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Cityscape is synonymous with creating stunning living and workspaces. Whether it is building a personal space or large turnkey projects, at Cityscape, we do it all with passion. Our qualified architects and designers have a knack for home interior designs and home décor. They ensure to provide you with designs that gratify your personality. From contemporary interior design that can make your living room lively and au courant kitchens that are snazzy yet functional, our works at Cityscape are inspiring masterpieces. In brief, we offer a one-stop solution to all your home interior needs.

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