Interior Designing

Cityscape Decors is a recognized and an award-winning Interior Decorator in Chennai. On residential interiors, our philosophy is to create spaces that reflect the personality of the client. Our experienced team has a keen sense to marry aesthetics and functionality.

Your living room is a space that welcomes you where you sit relaxed. It is a space that entertains you, and your kith and kin. The living room design should make you cherish and rejoice your taste and style created out of your personality. We start by deciding on the style goal and then moving on to the color scheme. We come up with a great many options and ideas that would fit your style goal and the budget. We make sure that all the elements of the living room, the ceilings included, are interior designed in such a way they embrace aesthetic harmony and practical flexibility.

We understand that your bedroom is a meditative resort where you retire after a hectic day at work. The bedroom design ideas we generate and incorporate starts with the ravishing collection of bespoke beds and upholstery, bedside tables and lightings, bedroom chairs and storage boxes, and all other furnishings and fabrics that maketh a modern bedroom. The artworks on display in the living space inside your home, serve to bring out the personality inside you. The connection to nature your bedroom provides by letting in the ample light and fresh air from outside should rejuvenate you. Needless to say, we keep all these nuances in mind as we passionately do your bedroom design.

The tailored modular kitchens we create are built on experience, kept within the budget and are delivered with pride. We give utmost importance to quality keeping in mind the fact that you would want to enjoy cooking in the space for decades to come.

As one of the best interior designers in Chennai, we make sure that the sophisticated spaces we create enhance the lives of our clients.