Decorative Wall Tiles for your Kitchen

Bringing great designs home

If there is one room in your house where you can use different types of wall tiles, it is your kitchen. Different areas of your kitchen might require different types of wall tiles and the application is purely based on the utility factor. Briefly speaking, the wall area just behind the countertops might require different type tiles than the other wall areas. Let us now delve into the different types of decorative wall tiles available for your kitchen and how creative you can get in making your kitchen a wonderful space.

Before going ahead and choosing the decorative wall tiles for your kitchen, it will be worthwhile to keep in mind certain factors.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Decorative Wall Tiles for your Kitchen

Decide the area of the wall where Kitchen tiles have to be installed

This is an important decision to make because you may want to either cover the kitchen walls completely with different types of tiles or you may want to cover with tiles only in few areas of the wall like the backsplash. Definitely, the cost of covering the entire kitchen with decorative kitchen wall tiles will be higher.

Determine your Budget

This point is closely linked to the first one. If you have liberal budget, you should cover your kitchen walls with tiles. The intense cooking in a typical Indian kitchen most definitely covers your kitchen walls with sticky, brownish and greasy dirt. So the entire kitchen wall covered with tiles can work against dirt accumulation. If you do not have the budget, at least make sure to cover the backsplash area with tiles that are functional and aesthetic.

Keep in mind the space of your kitchen

It is known that if your kitchen space is small you can make it appear big by selecting light or neutral kitchen wall tiles colors. By this logic, kitchen tiles that are white, grey or cream are ideal for your kitchen walls. So if your kitchen space is smaller keep this rule in mind while you select decorative kitchen wall tiles for both the backsplash and other areas of the kitchen.

Think about your cooking style

In a typical Indian kitchen, the stove simmers for long and hence the cooking is said to be intense. If you hardly cook or you do not cook for long, and you use your microwave oven or conventional oven too much in your cooking, then you may want to be bold and radical while you choose backsplash tiles for your kitchen walls.

Check on the aspect of Maintenance and Repair

Anything that is functional requires maintenance. This rule is applicable to kitchen tiles too. As time passes due to wear and tear, or may be due to an aged appearance the tiles might require repair to keep them functional and aesthetic. So you may want to choose the tiles in such a way they require minimal maintenance and will not wear overtime much faster.

Types of Decorative Wall Tiles for your Kitchen

Wall tiles come in different colors, shapes, sizes, designs and are made of different materials. Some of the common materials used to make decorative wall tiles are ceramic, porcelain, glass, slate (kadapa stones), granite, marble, etc. Wall tiles for kitchens take into consideration the functional factor and hence are available in different types accordingly. Let us see some of the common wall tile types for a kitchen based on the material used.

Ceramic Tiles

They are made of natural clay and are glazed to give that glossy appearance. Wall tiles made of ceramic are good for backsplash area.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are also made of natural clay and are also fired in kiln just like ceramic tiles. The difference between ceramic and porcelain is the fact that the clay used in porcelain is more refined and pure. As an end product, porcelain tiles are harder than ceramic tiles. Porcelain also has low moisture absorption rate than ceramic and hence they are more suited for area with more moisture.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles are relatively new as decorative wall tiles. Their biggest advantage is their non-porous nature. This non-porous nature does not allow water or oil splashes from the cooking area to penetrate the surface of the tiles. They are also relatively easy to wipe-off and hence does not allow the food to stain the tiles. Heat-resistant glass tiles are a rage now and are best suited for the backsplash area of your kitchen.

Granite and Marble Tiles

Before the advent of modern decorative tiles, backsplash area of a kitchen was plastered with either granite blocks or with granite tiles. Generally, marble was not used in the backsplash area due to its porous nature. While granite was less porous and found its place on the backsplash area, it was not uncommon to find marble wall tiles on the other wall areas of the kitchen albeit rare.


Here are some images of decorative wall tiles laid in kitchens. The features that make them stand out are illustrated.

The backsplash tile employed in this kitchen looks like an exposed brick wall, and are termed Faux Exposed Brick Tiles. Off late tiles that may seem rugged but are perfectly suitable as a backsplash because of their non-porous nature and the possibility to wipe off the moist and oil from their surface.

This picture is an example of exposed brick wall tiles employed on all sides of the kitchen. Upon close look, it can be observed that the backsplash area is fitted with regular white glossy tiles laid in a traditional country style.

This is another traditional country style laying work in two tones. While the light blue glossy tiles provide attraction to the kitchen, the top 1/3rd layer with white glossy tiles seamlessly merge with the wall painted in white.

The traditional herring bone backsplash in red add brightness to the kitchen. The darker shade of the tiles can conveniently camouflage the splashes and moisture from the cooking sessions.

The backsplash area is not distinguished in this kitchen. The white and gray tiles resembling marble run on the entire wall up till the ceiling level.

Country-style tiles in this kitchen complement the kitchen floor. The tiles go well with the dark gray cabinetry and the white floor above. The overall contrast of colours work wonder in this small but elegant kitchen.

Who said tiles have to be a perfect square or a rectangle? Here is a break from the monotony. This differently-shaped tiles used in the backsplash area resembles the scales on a fish. If you are looking for something different, this is it.

If you are looking for different structures other than the normal flat one, these 3D-textured tiles should invoke awe in you. The shadow the white 3D-textured tiles cast can be awesome and refreshing.

Tiles in different shades of the same colour when mixed and laid, present a pleasing decor. The tiles in moss green, light green and cream colours add a mild character to the kitchen. The complementing furniture in matt white adds richness to the kitchen.