Budget Modular Kitchen Designs of 2019?

Bringing great designs home

Converting a traditional kitchen into a modular kitchen type is every homemaker’s dream. The idea of a modular kitchen has caught up so well over the years that most new homeowners love having it. The burgeoning middle class loves the functionality offered by the modular kitchens. Sometimes it so happens that modular kitchens might cost heavy. But modular kitchens can become pricier only if pricier wood and state-of-the-art cabinetries are employed. Here are some of the budget modular kitchen designs of 2019.

A modular kitchen, as a matter of fact, is touted as a better investment than a conventional kitchen. You may either choose to get a modular kitchen for your brand new apartment, villa or independent house, or you might want to demolish the existing kitchen and make a brand new modular kitchen.

Planning your Modular Kitchen

Planning your modular kitchen thoroughly beforehand helps you immensely to stay within the budget. The layout of the kitchen plays an important role in determining the cost. Before you could plan on the material types, it is imperative to decide if you are going in for extensive cabinetries where you fit the kitchen cabinetries in the corners and on top too along with the base cabinetries. You can work out of the budget along with your kitchen designers for the full range and check if they fit within the budget. Sometimes after seeing the total budget, you might want to finish the base cabinetries alone in the initial phase and maybe you want to take up the top kitchen cabinetries in the future.

Whatever be the case, any modular kitchen has six elements to it, namely cabinetries (cabinets and accessories), countertop, sink & faucets, backsplash, flooring, and lighting. So the challenge lies in getting not so costly elements and at the same time not compromising on the quality of the elements.

Cabinetries (Cabinets and Accessories)

The biggest expense you could possibly incur in a modular kitchen is your cabinet along with the accessories. Kitchen cabinet ideas that utilize the space optimally and use materials that are minimal in the budget are needed to keep for your modular kitchens within the budget. For your cabinets, choose laminate or commercial plies instead of wood. This is the mantra to keep the cost of cabinetries lower. The hinges and handles of the cabinetries can be of any Indian brands. Some of the basic cabinet accessories are drawers, pull-outs, door knobs, trays, etc. Check if you need the full range of base cabinet, corner cabinet, and wall cabinet accessories. The more accessories you opt for, the more is the pricing. Similarly, the more branded you go, the more is the prices. All accessories made of SS or stainless steel not only offers a rich-look but they are rust free and long-lasting.

On the contrary, you may just want to build the cabinets but instead of going for drawers and pull-outs made of SS or other materials, you may simply place racks. These racks can serve the purpose to store your kitchen items.


Countertops catch the eyes of the visitors to your kitchen. Though countertops are available in wood, limestone, quartz, marble and other materials, granite is the most sought-after material for countertops in India. Granite and marble define elegance and granite is preferred over marble because the stains of the kitchen do not seep into the granite, unlike marbles.

Though soapstones or Kadapa stones are economical options available for countertops, they are considered more traditional and are not famous as countertops for modular kitchens in India. Laminate countertops are another option available and can easily fit into your budget. Though this is not as popular as granite or marble in India, you may want to try if you are looking for cheaper options and are willing to explore. The array of colors and patterns now available in laminate countertops has kindled renewed interest in them. 

Sinks & Faucets

Most Indian homemakers want to graduate from a sink made of soapstone which typifies a traditional Indian kitchen. So they do not mind to spend that extra money to bring in elegance to their kitchen. Sinks made of designer ceramic ware or porcelain may be priced on the higher side and hence may not be suited if you looking for a budget modular kitchen. If you are fixated with the idea of using porcelain sinks, you may want to look for local brands that may be cheaper and provide value for money. But make sure they are sturdy varieties and go well with the overall kitchen interiors. Sinks made of stainless steel perfectly fit your granite, marble or soapstone countertops. They look neat, polished and they also fit perfectly for a budget modular kitchen.

Faucets actually complete a sink. Popular brands of designer faucet give elegance and style to the kitchen. But they are definitely costly and may hence not fit your budget. Many budget brands of faucets are available in stainless steel and you may want to choose something that is trendy but at the same time less expensive.


Backsplashes are the tiles that are plastered on the wall of the kitchen particularly behind the countertops. The glossy finish of the backsplash tiles helps in easy cleaning. Ceramic tiles have been used traditionally and this type is still popular. The advancement in technology related to ceramics to manufacture tiles in various patterns and shapes, and the possibility to print any types of designs have made ceramic backsplashes an attractive option. The fact that they are within budget than a posh granite or marble backsplash is an added bonus. The mantra of picking a budget backsplash is to stick to plain tiles with no designs in them.


The main aspect of kitchen flooring is the tile-type you choose. It needs to blend seamlessly with the kitchen interior, both in terms of color and pattern. If you want to stay well within the budget then flooring made of vinyl sheets on top of the concrete is a good option. If you are somewhat liberal on the budget but could not afford a hardwood floor, then laminate floorings that resemble hardwood floors are a friendly option.


The more the natural light the less the need to keep your kitchen lit up by artificial lights. Kitchen lights include the main light for the kitchen and the lights that can be set up below the top cabinets to provide illumination. LED lights and fixtures have seen fall in prices and hence they can be considered for kitchen lighting needs. Also LED lights guzzle less electricity and hence provide long term benefit for the cost savings they bring about. Though the illumination provided below the top cabinets can be defined as a luxury, the lighting they provide can be helpful during the night.


Here are some images of budget modular kitchens. The features that make them simple and functional are explained against each.

Above is an example of a rather simplistically designed neat and clean modular kitchen. The top cabinetries are not complex and do not contain any draws or pull-outs. They are built of a simple rack concept using hard glass.

Above is an example of a typical Indian kitchen. The countertop is made of simple granite and the cabinets as seen in this image are made of simple MDF or compressed wood. You can observe that the available space has been judiciously used and almost all kitchen appliances have been accommodated in the available space.

A normal tap has been employed in this kitchen. No rich faucets. The backsplash used is also simple and goes well with the simple granite countertop.

This picture depicts a small kitchen space with all essential features. The presence of a large window with aluminium panel glass provides natural light to the kitchen space. No costly lighting indeed. The top cabinetries are simple and just have racks to store items.

This is a medium-sized kitchen with simple top cabinets. The backsplashes are elegant and simple. The space between the top cabinet and countertop does not have costly accessories and fittings. But they are so spacious that space can accommodate rich accessories in the future.

Though the kitchen looks elegant and rich, upon close observation it can be understood that less space has been utilized for building the modular kitchen. Lesser space and not so complex the design translates to less budget in building the kitchen.

The kitchen looks opulent but a closer observation can reveal that space is small and has been optimally utilized to build this wonderful modular kitchen. The top cabinet does not contain pricier accessories.

The entire cabinet range, both the top and the bottom, have been built with simple racks. The translucent glass employed for the cabinet doors reduces the cost of the modular kitchen to some extent.